Are there materials that cannot be processed by means of the water jet cutting process?

There is only one exception: toughened glass. All other materials can be cut by a water jet.

At Waterjet, there is the possibility to test new materials in the internal laboratory for the water jet cutting process and to develop new processes for customers this way.

What is the smallest order quantity? Will also small orders be executed?

We manufacture also individual parts – another advantage of water jet cutting. There are no order limits or minimum invoice amounts at Waterjet.

The easiest way for you is to request an offer or to call us.

How long does it take on average from placing the order until delivery?

Our time of delivery is usually less than one week, but we are also able to process orders within 24 hours at any time.

Can I send my drawings?

Our programmers are able to process all common formats. These include:

  • CAD formats like .dxf
  • Vector data like .ai or .eps.
  • 3D CAD like .stp (neutral interface for the exchange of 3D CAD data).

In extreme cases you can also send a manual drawing which we trace and process accordingly.

Does Waterjet execute commissional works (plans drawn, form defined, material available)?

Yes, of course, we also execute commissional works. In doing so, we offer complete solutions, these include mechanical postprocessing and/or surface treatments.

Does Waterjet manufacture only for industrial customers or also for end-consumers, like door plates or keychains?

The area of application of water jet cutting is very wide. Accordingly, the customers’ wishes are widespread.

Waterjet manufactures parts for all economic sectors in different quantities:

  • Industry (engineering industry, watch industry)
  • Medical technology
  • End-consumers (individuals, small and medium-sized businesses, associations)

Are there only standard processes for water jet cutting or can the customer’s wishes be taken into consideration?

We take our customer’s wishes into consideration, always and at any time. By means of any customer’s wish we fulfill, we are able to improve our processes and create innovations.

So, the formation of the micro water jet cutting developed by us traces back to customers‘ wishes – an innovation many new customers today benefit from.

What material thicknesses can be cut by water jet?

It is the same for water jet cutting as anywhere else: everything depends on the material and its geometry.
We distinguish standard and special applications. In standard application, usually materials up to 70/80 mm are cut by means of the water jet.

On the occasion of one unique special application, we already cut chromium-nickel steel (CNS steel) of a thickness of 200 mm.

How large – or small – are the objects cut by the water jet and what are the dimensions and maximum measurements?

There are almost no limits for the size of the object. By means of the micro water jet cutting process developed by us, we are able to cut in the area of fractions of a millimetre.

We execute all cutting works on precision cutting devices of a dimension of 1000 x 500 mm up to the biggest water jet device of 8000 x 3000 mm.

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